Hot stone massage and 5 days in by health seeker .....

hot stone massages

Date:   7/3/2007 10:19:12 PM ( 14 y ago)

I had a nice relaxing 1 hr hot stone massage tonight it was fabulous so relaxing
I also took my juicer into the shop tonight and they said i should likely have it back in a few days unless parts are needed then sometime next week. Amazing service I love it! That will really help me on my way to being successful. Even if I don't make 30 days i'll know when it is time to stop! I love that I can get so much guidance on here!

Today was an alright day. Felt a bit nauseaus after drinking my juice so didn't really want anymore. its also incredibly hot here so that might have something to do with it. I prefer more water and less juice!!! I'll have to ask about that thursday as i was having a lot of trouble with that before i started to fast which is why i started one!

I'm definitely getting into cleanse mode. My mouth tastes GROSS! and i have a thick white coating on my tongue its nasty!!! I've always had a whiter tongue but this is thick ICKY

Anyway still going strong. I think this will be a good one!


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