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begin anew

Date:   6/28/2007 9:12:06 PM ( 14 y ago)

hmmm I know I posted on here during my last fast that lasted 12 days but they all seem to be missing? I can't remember if i started a new blog or just used this one.

Alas I digress and will start another blog.

I'm about to begin another journey through a fast. I don't even want to call them 30 day fasts anymore as I have yet to make it to 30 days still hahaha. I've been fairly impressed with my past attempts and definitely experienced great benefits from both previous attempts.

The upside to this fast is that I now live by myself so no fast food eating, pop drinking, smoking all around bad habit roomate to distract me (not that smoking etc was) but having someone around who can eat food and is cooking when one is trying to fast is not overly helpful on this path! I think the fact I can do this in the comfort of my own home, without any distractions and don't have any food but veggies to juice in the fridge and no money to buy anything else will definitely help me succeed in my quest to reach better health.
I've made many changes in my life over the last little while I got rid of all the negative I had control over and got a new job and my own place so along with all this new I want to start fresh and reset my body once again, so here is hoping. I am beginning this endeavour tomorrow (friday june 29th) and plan to go 30 days!
Wish me luck!!!
I'll continue to post if for anything my own benefit as I find keeping a record incredibly helpful in keeping me focused and the comments u get of encouragement are amazing


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