Is the past coming back to bite me in the cervix? by kycougar .....

Dr. A referred me to Dr. D for a pelvic exam. He wants to make sure the cervical cancer I had two years ago hasn't returned.

Date:   11/2/2006 9:51:58 AM ( 15 y ago)

Another thing Dr. A had ordered during that first visit was a referral for me to go see Dr. D and have the follow-up pelvic exam I should have had a year ago, after having had a "cold knife cone biopsy" outpatient surgery two years ago.

I had an abnormal pap smear in 2004, I think it was. They described it as a "cancerous lesion" and referred me to an OB/GYN (Dr. K) for further treatment. Dr. K did an examination and "clipped" a couple pieces of cervical tissue to send off for biopsy and scheduled the aforementioned surgery. Dr. K sent off the removed portion of cervix to a lab to ensure that enough was removed and no further treatment would be required. Word came back that all edges of the removed tissue were free and clear of any cancerous tissue, meaning it was all contained within that removed portion. The only thing Dr. K ordered further was that I make sure and have my yearly exams and not miss anymore. I agreed and fully intended to do so, however, because I am low income and have no medical insurance, that does create a problem for me.

Anyway, during Dr. D's exam yesterday, he told me that Dr. K had removed quite a bit of the cervix, which I didn't know. Also, he said that if it was "cancer cancer" and not just a "precancerous invasion", then I would qualify for any follow-up care through Kentucky's Cancer Care program and that he would look into that for me.

Other than that, he said everything looked good and healthy to him.

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