Pre Fast Day (minus) 3 by reek .....

Time to start thinking about fasting....

Date:   7/12/2007 2:37:07 PM ( 14 y ago)

You know, the last time I fasted, I really read a lot and got into the mindset before the fast. The unknown had me curious. This time, I wonder if I'm taking too much for granted. I'm going to spend some time the next few days getting into it. I need to read and remember what is coming.

I'm excited that it looks like I'll reach my goal of 278, almost right on the money on Sunday morning. It is encouraging to think that I have set four aggresive but reachable weight loss goals and I will reach the first one.

The second one, go from 278 - 263 in two weeks during a juice fast, is reachable, but will be much harder. Obviously, no solid foods is tough, but I'll need to keep the 6 mile walking up on a regular basis. And what happens if I break the fast, do I jump back in as if the break didn't happen, or do I eat a super low cal solid food diet.

The third goal is 263 to 250 in 5 weeks. While the numbers seem easier, this is where each pound gets crueling. My plan here is running, running, running. Exercise with the diet is going to be key.

The fourth goal, 250 to 225 in 4 months, is more about hitting a stride in weight loss. I want to work out and still eat. Just restrict calories enough to lose that 1-2 lbs a week that it will take.

Anyway, I think the 4 goals (and the constant repeating of them) is the kind of blueprint that I work well with.

Start Weight: 292.5
Morning Weight: 280
Total Lost: 12.5 lbs.


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