Pre-Fast, Day (minus) 7 by reek .....

Smells and temptation, and I haven't even started yet....

Date:   10/26/2006 9:44:56 PM ( 15 y ago)

I've "dieted" before, but something about this process has me noticing smells already. Perhaps it is the raw foods doing it. Anyway, I'm really picking up food smells in a huge way. I didn't think anything like that would happen until fasting time.

No biggie though, I just really need to pay attention to being well prepared.

I noticed a touch of energy I haven't had in a while. Nothing major, but significant enough for me to say, "hmmm - that's nice." Stayed at work a little later today and got a project done that has been in the back of my mind forever. I think the extra energy had me motivated. Like I said, subtle, but it was there.

Things are going smooth. Today I had serious doubts. Thanks to Bearded One for some well-timed and well written encouragement.

Start Weight: 281
Today's Weight: 273.5
Total Lost: 7.5 lbs.



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