Day 10 of Juice Fast by Bearded One .....

10 days down and 20 to go!!!!!

Date:   10/24/2006 9:26:24 AM ( 15 y ago)

10 Days down, 20 to go!!!!

As you may have noticed (if you've been following me during this juice-fast) I am writing the blogs for each fasting day the morning after. I do this because A)I have plenty of time in the morning to get them done and B) I have found that my mind is the clearest in the morning. This is a marked difference from before the fast. Before, I was always a night owl. I stayed up to 11 or 12 every work night and I was out to 3 or 4 in the morning on weekends. I know that couldn't have been good for my body and I'm hoping that I won't revert to that schedule once I've completed the fast (although I have to admit that I still love playing poker all-night so that probably wont change my weekend schedule--at least while I'm still living in Vegas).

Day 10 went very well. I actually had a liver ultrasound in the morning (I wrote a while back that my pre-fast bloodwork came back showing that I had elevated liver enzymes so my Doc ordered the test to make sure there wasn't any serious damage). Lord knows I've had my share of alcohol over the last 10 years. I'm just hoping everything comes back normal. The tech told me it would take 2 days for the radiologist to review the film and contact my Doc (I'll post the results as soon as I know).

Other than that the day went fine. I had a half day at work so I hit the gym as soon as I got off (I didn't get the chance to go yesterday). I also had my presentation in my Masters class (which went pretty well--although I think I skipped a few things). Again only had 2 juices during the day and felt fine about it.

(WARNING--- Colon talk paragraph, NOT for the sqeamish) Had a BM yesterday (didn't actually have the tea just happened naturally) and boy did it smell terrible!!! I know, disgusting topic, right. Heres the strange thing. You know how usually your BM's smell roughly the same?? Horrible but usually the same type of oder (assuming you haven't eaten curry or some other spicy dish that would change the scent). This BM smelled totally unlike anything that has ever come out of me. Absolutely FOUL. I could barely stand the smell and had to cover my nose with my shirt almost immediately. Is it possible that BM was putrefied intestinal matter??? If so, I'm glad the shit is out of me!!! (literally)

My tounge is down to about 20% coating today!!! My weight hasn't changed for the last three days. I'm still at 218lbs (which makes that 22lbs total so far). I'm hoping that I can kickstart more weight loss with my continued exercise routine. Well, gotta get to work here.

Till Tommorrow,
Bearded One

PS I bought some Spirulina to add to my drinks. How the hell are you supposed to mix it in?? (I tried but it gets all clumped up into little balls??)


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