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Had to break the cleanse :(

Date:   10/16/2006 4:00:17 PM ( 17 y ago)

I ended up breaking the cleanse on the 5th day. Days 2 to 4 were relatively uneventful with very little discomfort. I had better energy throughout this period. However, on the night of Day 4, just after hopping into bed, I started experiencing this fairly weird feeling (might have been blacking out) like my body was about to turn off. Needles to say I didn't care much for the experience and eventually went to sleep. On day 5 I woke and felt reasonably good, however, around lunch my world started fading in and out a little bit and I had some minor palpitations. So I decided enough is enough.

Oh and on Day 3 I put my back out in a way I've only done half a dozen times before in my life. I tend to suffer from this more when my muscle tone in out of shape.

Also, my weight loss was too rapid I think. On the morning of Day 4 I weighed 208 lbs down from 217 when I started.

So to sum up. I think there were three things wrong with doing the clease this time:

1) I started too soon after my last cleanse (approx. 1 month and 25 days) even though Stanley says 2 months
2) Its the wrong season. Every fibre in my body is trying build and I'm starving it.
3) I was relatively stagnant for two weeks prior to this.
4) Fall and Spring are the worst times for my health. This is when I typically get palpitations.
5) I had a couple of days where I didn't drink enough of the MC also I wasn't taking any herbal laxative in the morning - which I think would have helped a little more. I never did the Salt Water Flush - tried twice on the first cleanse and just can't do it.

I will likely start another cleanse again - but after the New Year. In the meantime, the 5 day mini cleanse did end my cravings for sweet and fatting foods. So now my goal is to just eat healthy. Buy no more junk. And exercise .... this I know to be the number one thing I must do.

To everyone contemplating this cleanse: prepare accordingly, stick to the instructions, make sure you get enough drinks in and know yourself.

See you in the winter.


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