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The connection between breast cancer and dairy foods

Date:   9/1/2006 11:46:08 AM ( 16 y ago)

Is there a connection between dairy food and breast cancer? A number of studies that have been conducted seem to indicate that eating dairy products may increase the chances of breast cancer in some women. For example, one study found that drinking whole milk increased premenopausal breast cancer risk and decreased postmenopausal breast cancer risk whereas, eating butter did not affect premenopausal breast cancer risk but increased postmenopausal breast cancer risk. Obviously, it's not possible to draw conclusions from these results. Clearly more studies are needed before we make up our minds about this either way. Nonetheless, because breast cancer has become so rampant in out societies, this is information we don't want to ignore. For more information about women's breast health, feel free to check out the Women's Breast Health Forum at:, where you can get free information from invited health researchers on the topic.

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