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Living life to the fullest - lets do it.

Date:   8/31/2006 8:20:52 PM ( 17 y ago)

I'll say this once: Hello, hi, greetings, salutations, shalom, salaam aleiykom and welcome in Jesus!

I'm 23, male and I need to change my life.

I'm fasting to do that. I've read a lot of blogs on here and am so enamoured by the changes people have undergone through fasting. I fasted once for 21 days on water and juice (but the juice here was not juice as in juicing but supermarket juice that was heavy laden with sugar - I was naieve back then hahahaa). What did I get out of that fast? Apart from losing weight and feeling great that I had accomplished it... well that was it. But reading about people who have lost so much weight, and started to feel inner enlightening and self esteem was powerful to read.

I'm a follower of Jesus (I dont like the word christian because it's like a dirty word these days!) and Jesus himself fasted for 40 days. In the Bible it talks about Jesus being tempted during his fast by satan and overcoming him without a shout of a doubt. During my fast, there are things that I want to overcome in my life: procrastination, laziness, lust (yes another young male who suffers from the wandering eye), throw into that category p 0 r n o g r a p h y, alcoholism, drugs (man... I used to love smoking weed... and find myself missing it sometimes... hence my FF40), apathy and so forth. These things are to me, metaphorically speaking and literally speaking, my battle with satan and myself.

Anyway - i'm on day 5 of the fast. The first 2 days went like a whirlwind. Day 3 I was sitting at work DREAMING of steak and onions with soy sauce. Man. I was ready to quit right there and console myself. Day 3 also saw headaches quite sore ones, but as soon as I lay myself to sleep, they went away. The headaches did come back and i'm expecting more - but no pain no gain. Day 4 was an interesting one with raised eye brows in the toilet at work. I'll be more detailed in the future.

I haven't weighed myself so dont know how much initial liquid weight loss i've had, but I dont think I want to weigh myself at all during this time. Needless to say, last time I believe I was 115kg's (253lb's) which is a lot... but because I have a fairly large muscly build (notice the humility here) it didn't really show that much (muscle weighs more than fat!).

Regardless. This is about spiritual enlightenment. Change. Weight loss (I dont want to be a hulking walking mass). Lifestyle. Life, and living that life to the fullest. 36 days to go. Short term goal - 11 days.



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