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This is just a summary of day one.

Date:   8/8/2006 4:03:24 PM ( 17 y ago)

oh how easily the mind just plays tricks on you! i knew i wasn't hungry but i'd be doing something random like reading or cleaning the house and images of food would just pop in my head and i'd get a serious craving for that food. it was doing that all day. and it was only my first day... i can only hope that it gets better!

i've been very lazy and lethargic these past few months (due to poor eating habits, a lack of exercise, and my arthritis) and juicing made me even laaaazier. i just wanted to nap and let the hours pass by so that a new day would arrive and i could say that "hey! at least i made it through day one". i didn't do too much yesterday.

i woke up around noon, cleaned the house for about an hour, sat on my butt up until 6 when i decided i should take a nap until 8pm. then i walked around downtown for about 1.5 miles before someone picked me up.

all day i drank about 80 oz. of water and about 30 oz. of other liquids inlcuding tea, juice, and sadly diet soda. at night i did end up eating a small bowl of something like a rice porridge but i ately slowly so i could figure out when i was nice and full without over-eating. and i made the food myself so i know exactly what i put in it... that's a bonus. i even have some left over for today!

i did weigh myself last night with a brand new scale but i'm not quite sure how accurate it is. i step on the scale three times and sometimes the lbs. are off by 2-3lbs. so i just add up all the averages and divide them and i figure that's about how much i weigh. it ended up being around 192lbs. i weighed myself this morning and it was all over the place again (from 188lbs. - 191lbs.)so it sucks that i can't get an accurate reading but i'm not going to write anything down until tomorrow morning where i will be able to see if i made a difference or not.

i'm glad at the amount of water i've been drinking but the last time i checked i was on the juice fast, not a water fast :0) so i think i should up my juices. the only annoying thing out of this is that i get pretty tired (so i'm glad that i don't have too much priorities at the moment) and i have to pee A LOT.

anyways.... hopefully today is a great day!


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