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Day Two

Date:   10/3/2006 10:15:09 AM ( 16 y ago)

Yesterday wasn't too bad, started on a Monday morning. Stuck with light diet all weekend, mostly liquids. Seems to make the transition a little easier.
I have had several viruses take hold in my system since my August debacle. A day or two of cleansing with interspersed jumping way off the wagon or falling ill. Had a relatively mild case of west nile fever. That consumed several days of my life. Also experienced some early perimenopausal symptoms that have my hormones out of kilter and making me wonder if I am seriously anemic. Bruising like mad over here. Feeling weary quite a bit. So cleanse, fast, and get a grip on nourishment. Taking this one day at a time.
++Day One++
I had two 10 ounce bottles of prepackaged orange juice throughout the morning. Bottled juice is so dead. But doing what I can. So busy at work and home.
6 ounces grapefruit juice mixed with a couple of ounces of pure cranberry. Pucker city. Developed a headache mid-afternoon, but nothing too serious. Took my multivitamins, ester c with bioflavonoids and a biobead for bacteria throughout the day.
Several glasses of water. One cup of green tea.
Evening drank 12 ounce glass of some cranberry mixed juice and some chicken broth with extra sea salt, ginger, and cayenne added to it. The broth acts like a salt flush without making me gag. Bowel cleansing has commenced. Had a couple of scary moments where I wasn't sure I could make it to the loo in time.
Had a nice long saline bath with a kaolin/tea tree oil masque. Went to bed early and slept quite well.
++Day Two++
Woke up thinking of eating. Not going to. Feeling a little cold, so I turned on the heater under my desk. Drinking a mixture of orange and grapefruit juice watered down. I love the citrus. Tring adding in the pure cranberry to get the virus killing effect.Also have cranberry extract to supplement. Feeling kind of spacey, with a mild sinus pressure, but woke up with clear nostrils for the first time in weeks. Update later!


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