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Feeling Pretty Good

Date:   6/9/2007 6:56:31 AM ( 15 y ago)


Nothing much to report today.  I have a bit of a headache but I suspect it is from the heat.  It is unseasonably warm in Bavaria right now.  We really need some rain to cool things off a bit.  The growth on my right knee is slowly starting to recede and I suspect that within a weeks time it will be totally gone.  The power of cleansing!  I bought some more lemons yesterday, enough for about five more days if I choose to go that long.  I also bought my oranges and veggie soup supplies.  I am making my stock tomorrow so it will be ready when I'm ready.  Tomorrow is day 21, but I think I will go to 23 or 24.  At that point I must unfortunately break prior to my trip back to Washington state on June 17th.  At this point, I really feel I could go 30 days, but that will have to wait until my winter cleanse or possibly next summer.  I just need to plan things a bit better next time.  When I started this cleanse, I never even considered doing 30 days.  Two to three weeks was my goal.  However, I have discovered this time around that I definately have the resolve to go the distance.  Have a happy weekend of cleansing everyone, and to those of you wrapping up your journey, congratulations.

Peace and happiness



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