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Time to get back on the cleansing bandwagon.

Date:   11/24/2006 9:39:19 AM ( 17 y ago)

It has been about 4 months since my last MC and I am in urgent need of one. I have been traveling for business for the past 4 months and my company has been feeding me very well. I even went to a job training for a week in Chicago to a place they call the fat farm because of all of the food thats available (banana's foster at 3:00pm) it was ridiculous. Needless to sya I gained back all the weight I lost during my last cleanse and I feel sludgy and heavy again. So although yesterday was thanksgiving and I ate a lot of food, I am starting again today, black friday. I will not shop but I will cleanse. I work from home mostly so I can hit the bathroom throughout the day. I need to do this. Iam moving to a new apartment and neighborhood on 12/15 and I want to feel good about it and myself, so I will cleanse.

So last night after I got home from my mother-in-laws house and after I ate the most banging meal ever, I came home and drank a citroma purge. Oddly and to my excitement I had a huge BM and I have never felt so unplugged and relieved. It was awesome. Today on black friday is my test run day. I will start the MasterCleanse Drink and the smooth move but I won't count it as a first day. Tomorrow will be a first day for me.

I have a set of goals I have to come up with and I will blog about them later.

Til then - Happy blogging.



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