Day 6 and 7 - STILL STRONG AND FEELING GOOD by Katsklau .....

My mood is picking up on Day 7....

Date:   6/30/2006 7:53:13 PM ( 17 y ago)

I am so proud of myself. Day 6 was hard, oh so hard. Incredibly emotional and sick of the lemonade. But I made it. The Citroma I drank the night before really flushed out alot of brown liquified fowl smelling crap. I had about 4 very easy movements from 7:00am to about 11:00 am. I never felt cramps or the urgent need to BM. It tasted great and went down easy and it was much better than the SWF. I think I will do another Citroma flush on day 10.

I also received my Clarkia on day 6 and I started taking it immediately. It does not taste bad, I just mix it with a little bit of lemonade. It has helped produce some funny looking BMs but I haven't seen any worms or parasites yet like blogger seunim. I am actually looking forward to them. My husband says they are gonna crawl out of my ass when I sleep, LOL. He is so supportive. Ocassionally he will tell me my whisper stinks. We have developed a Master cleanse lingo: sharts, bp (butt pee), bs (butt soup) and shatting your britches or sharting your pantaloons. LMAO!!!!

I have been dreaming about food more and more. But with each dream the food becomes healthier and with less ingredients. I went from dreaming about grilled tilapia with avocado, onion, heirloom tomatoe salad with carmelized onions and mushrooms and raspbery vinagerette on Day 5 to dreaming of a plain tuna stuffed tomatoes on day 7. Very strange since I like food with a lot of flavor.

Today (day 7) I tested myself by making potatoes au gratin with a bacon and onion baked bean chili for my family. Everyone wanted seconds, they were licking their chops and savoring the food, even my husband said "I feel so sorry for you." I didn't even flinch I just was not hungry or craving anything at all. I prepared it all, baked it, served it and cleaned the dishes and I didn't feel a slight twinge of hunger. I am so proud of myself. I told myself this cleanse is the best thing for my body right now, this food is not, and it worked.

I did a workout yesterday and today (bellydancing home video). The combination of the cleanse and my daily bellydance workouts have done wonders to my body. Its day 7 and my jeans are falling off. I think I dropped like 2 dress sizes. But I am still not weighing myself.

I skipped my herbal tea this morning but I still passed some stinky BMs. My breathe still stinks. I will take my smooth move tonight and continue my Clarkia cleanse. I might stay on the cleanse until day 15. I have to get off at least a week before the 30th cause my honey wants to take me to dinner to celebrate our 6 year anniversary of the day we met.

Happy Cleansing.



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