Day 3- Master Cleanse by Katsklau .....

Splotchy tongue and stinky breath...

Date:   6/26/2006 9:48:23 PM ( 17 y ago)

Day 3 and still going strong.

Here are a list of changes so far:

1. My skin is so much softer. (Also, I did a hard full body scrub with a pumice stone to exfoliate inpurities.)
2. My breath is really stinky.
3. I have developed GEOGRAPHIC TONGUE. I have never had this condition before and I wonder if it is a result of the cleanse or the sea salt?
4. My stools have been watery and frequent but there is no bulk to them. I don't know what I am expecting to come out of me but everyone else talks about sludge and maybe I will get that soon.
5. I have lost weight in my face, I am no longer bloated and I feel great, still no cravings.
6. I had to take a caffeine pill to stay awake cause I have not experienced a jolt in energy.
7. Last but not least, this should have been number 1, I experienced total clarity today. My brain fog is lifting. I started writing like I haven't written in a long time. I dedicated like 2 hours to figuring out debt solutions. I sat and just thought for like another 2 hours. Everything seems so peaceful when your primary focus is not on food. This is a wonderful side effect. I hope it persists. I thought I had mommy brain but maybe it was just toxic junk inside of me clouding my mind.

Day 3 -

This morning I tried to shortcut the SWF by mixing 2 tsp with 4 oz. of water and then drinking the other 28 oz. of just plain water. Big mistake. I puked it all up immediately. I couldn't fathom drinking the SWF again so I drank a cup of goodnite cleanse. Needless to say the two spontaneously combusted in about 30 minutes and I went running to the bathroom. (Almost didn't make it!) LOL. (TMI I know...)

I drank about 5 cups of the drink but I am just not hungry at all or thirsty for that matter. This geographic tongue sucks and maybe if I drink more water it will go away. (Thanks for the tip on the water by the way.)

I had a bad headache last night but I think I was just sleepy. Maybe it was the Black Walnut Hull I took. I forgot to mention that I am on the rag so that might or might not interfere with how my body processes the cleanse. Any thoughts?

I am going to take a little Black Walnut Hull tincture again tonight. I'm not sure what its doing but lets hope its working on some parasites.

I know tommorow will be a success. I feel like my body is responding well and I will try to keep my focus and dedication.


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