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Take Time for Jesus

Date:   6/27/2006 7:39:07 PM ( 15 y ago)

How utterly wrong is it to grasp tightly the things of this woe planet earth? There is something uncertain about thigs that are temporary. The way out of suffering, troubles, problems is to put in remembrance that nothing can be forever permanent. Everything will one day come to pass. It is so easy to be wrapped in things to rip us from rejoicing and to be glad from it. Yes indeed, try not to hold on to those things that can not last, but while they last, see a thing of beauty.

Life is very exciting. It is not enough to be perfect in our own way. So there are a few things for you to learn, for me to learn, and others to learn. There is one thing that is very important. You are not going to see much without Jesus Christ.
Do not so love the things of this world that you cannot see the love of God. One of our biggest probelms is to tell others more about Jesus. We talk about everything and very seldom allow any time to talk about Jesus Christ.
if we are going to heaven then we ought to tell others what is happening in our life. Jesus has already told you that he is your friend. Won't you tell somebody Jesus is your friend and what he really means to you? Keep the Faith!
love, Walter


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