A Near Death Experience by harpolove .....

Harpo's eagle eye was upon me. . .

Date:   6/17/2006 8:37:17 AM ( 15 y ago)

This happened one day back in 1980 as I recall.
It was a hot summer day in San Diego. My friend Robin, Harpo and I all headed for the beach in La Jolla. As soon as we arrived, we threw down our towels and ran to the water. Harpo stayed on the beach and Robin and I took off swimming. . . pretty soon we found ourselves way far away from the shoreline. . .we were treading water, laughing, talking and being girls when we realized we weren't making any headway towards the shore. . .Robin looks into my eyes and says, "Are you scared?" Immediately my body language fell into agreement and I realized we were in trouble. . .she started to swim directly towards the beach and began making some progress. . .I, on the otherhand, kept drifting further out to sea. Suddenly, I began swallowing salt water and I couldn't seem to even stay afloat. The thought crossed my mind. . ."Is this how it will end? So, I simply came to the beach for a day of fun, and I'm here to drown? How silly this seems, my life flashing before me seeing the faces of my children and wondering how they would take the news. I reached out and began calling out to the sun. . .screaming out the holy names "Jah! Father! God! Jesus!, PLEASE HELP ME! I don't want to die!"
I was so tired and was beginning to let go, when I saw a swimmer coming to my rescue. . .he reached me and instructed me to go limp while he pulled me along parallel to the shoreline for at least 800 yards. . .finally we were out of the grips of a huge riptide. We made it to shore. I could hardly stand up, my knees were like jelly. I never got to know who the man was who rescued me as he just disappeared. I walked back a long way to where we had first laid our towels. All the people on the beach were totally unaware of what might have happened before their eyes. They were just enjoying a day at the beach while I was facing near drowning. . .
Then I saw Harpo standing there. He had been standing on the beach watching the two of us being carried out to sea. When Robin made it back, Harpo ran up and down the beach looking for someone with stamina and fins to go after me out there! He quickly assessed the situation I was in. . .if he had not been there, I surely would have been swallowed by the sea that day. I sat on our beach towels and couldn't stop crying and shaking . .. I knew how close I came to dying that day. It was Harpo who saved my life . . .we both knew that.


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