Does anybody want to talk..? by JeSuisButterfly .....

and it's only been one night, LOL.

Date:   6/17/2006 9:54:39 AM ( 16 y ago)

I am so lonely!!

I had a fever last night - even though the house was 56 degrees I was sweating. Sleep was torture. I took Lapis' advice to just 'ride it out'. It really does help tremendously instead of exercising fear.

I'm so so so happy to report that I have absolutely no inclination to eat whatsoever. Actually, food is a bit repelling. It's a wonderful feeling to not obsess over food!!

I'm also proud to say that it seems like I am done with TV. I never watched it too much in my teenage years, preferring books over the seizure screen. I turned it on this morning for the noise, but my interest was quickly lost. Perhaps if the rain lightens up and the lightening subsides, I can take a trip to Austin and read. I'm feeling quite nauseous though. Does anyone know how to ease that..?

I've discovered I am quite tidy when I am 'living alone'. I was careful to put all of my things away.. dishes, laundry, ect. To pick up after myself, to be mindful to turn off the lights when I leave the room and whatnot. It's only been one night, but it's made an impact.

One full day to go.. I'm feeling trepidation.


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