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Likewise, few people expect to reach age 101, especially in remarkably good health like Marge Jetton. But Mrs. Jetton is proof that it can be done. She appears to be far younger than her actual age. Her remarkably healthy attitude is almost as noticeable, however.

“If you can’t change it, you better like it,” she says. “My motto is to try and be happy in spite of your trials. Take it to the Lord in prayer.”

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Article from mercola.com (lots of good info but I question why I had to sign up to read the article...here it is. He has commented on this article whichs includes sales plugs for his products. )

Exercise Can Be Fountain of Youth

A 6-month program of moderate exercise -- including walking, jogging or using a stationary bike for one hour, four to five times per week -- turned back the clock 30 years for five middle-aged men. The men were able to regain the cardiovascular fitness levels they had as 20-year-olds.

This study demonstrates that it's never too late to get back in shape.

The study began in 1966 when five healthy 20-year-old men went through a battery of tests that measured how their aerobic power -- their body's ability to use oxygen -- was affected by 3 weeks of total bed rest.

Thirty years later the same men underwent similar types of cardiovascular fitness tests before and after a 6-month exercise regimen.

Age, the researchers found, had not been kind to the men, whose weight had climbed 25%, on average. In addition, their body fat had doubled and their aerobic capacity had declined 11% over the 30 years. However, in a "remarkable" finding, 30 years of aging had done less to lower the men's aerobic power than had the 3 weeks of bed rest in 1966.

Moreover, through 6 months of exercise, the men were able to reverse the effects of aging and boost their aerobic power by about 15%.

In the study, the men started out exercising twice a week for 15 minutes, then gradually increased their activity each week so that at 6 months, they were getting approximately one hour a day, 4 or 5 days each week.

The type of exercise doesn't matter just as long as you do it consistently. And he pointed out that it does not take a tremendous effort to recover and maintain substantial cardiovascular fitness.


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