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Okay duh! I've finally figured out my nightly sugar cravings.

Date:   4/5/2006 9:24:23 PM ( 16 y ago)

Okay duh! I've finally figured out my nightly sugar cravings. I get horribly hungry for carbs after my workout. I switched my workout to after work instead of b4 work a couple of months ago. Eventhough I hadn't worked out (til today) since I started fasting, I HAVE been hitting the steam room pretty hard. So that's why I've been wanting to drink my fruit juices in the evenings and vegi juices in the morning. Doesn't take a genius to figure that mathematical calculation out!

So, I did a light workout this evening. BTW, I've never worked out during an extended fast. But since I've been drinking juiced fruit and I have TONS of energy ---crazy energy that I don't think I've ever felt before---- I decided to give it a shot. I did a short jog of 1 1/2 miles and went to the gym to hit the steam room afterwards. Jogging felt so good -the smell of dirt, grass, trees, children playing baseball in the park. Going to the gym doesn't even come close. I don't think I'd exercised outside since the summer. Anyway, I was soooo hungry after I finished. I couldn't wait to get home and juice my fruit. Problem is, now I have a bunch of energy. I feel like I drank a quart of one of those energy drinks. So I'm making some of that organic nighty night tea. I don't think that's a wise idea -though it IS all natural. I think the wisest thing would be for me to drive back to the gym but that's not realistic with a sleeping child so I'm gonna do it. Maybe I'll just do 3 miles tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe that'll deplete me of a little bit more energy...willfully

Hey, I registered for the Chicago 1/2 marathon today!!! I'm so excited. I was nervous as I was filling out my registration form....I'll save that story for later!



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