Day 32 by raddish .....

A short update on day 32

Date:   4/27/2006 5:46:38 PM ( 15 y ago)

Another day on this juice fast down. I'm in quite the pattern now. I went to have blood drawn for a physical this morning, so I had to delay my morning juice til about 10AM. It's funny, I wasn't really hungry, though I hadn't had juice since about 3pm the day before. I have very little real hunger now. Certain foods do hold some charm. My husband made curried rice this weekend that smelled so good! But I really feel clean inside and don't want to mess that up.
I went shopping this afternoon for our anniversary and bought my husband a very nice watch. I hope he likes it. Then I came home and made my second and final juice of the day.
As of this morning, I was 132. Only 3 pounds til the 120s! I can't believe it. I've now lost 43 pounds. Almost 50 pounds lost, which is just astonishing. I've lost like a quarter of my previous size - a third of what I weigh now.


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