day four by raddish .....

day four of my juice fast

Date:   3/30/2006 8:40:18 PM ( 15 y ago)

Today is day four on the juice fast. It was even better today! I felt very little hunger, even when preparing food for the kids that I previously liked (vegan mock chicken nuggets and natural baked french fries).
For my am juice (at 4AM, due to my work schedule) I had a juice of beet, cucumber, and watermelon.
I had 60 oz of water during the day.
For my afternoon juice, I had plum, nectarine, apple, carrot juice.
I had an additional 60 plus oz of lemon water.
Then for dinner, my favorite again - pineapple ginger! It is so good.
I was still hungry and want to stay up late (for me) tonight, so I had an additional small juice of plum apple.
In the morning I will have green juice again, to balance it all out.
I haven't had the need for a bm today, so I really must try to figure out a colon cleansing method. I'm scared to see what that beet comes out looking like.
I'm feeling great and am almost sure I can make it 26 more days.


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