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Dry fasting today, no weight change for three days 171.5

Date:   3/31/2006 9:18:24 AM ( 14 y ago)

Yesterday finished off uneventfully. Hubby and I took the boys to a movie (which I made it through without having to go to the toilet) and then I went home to bed. Didn't even do my bath routine or make tea; just brushed my teeth with baking soda, washed my face and crashed at 8pm again. Slept longer and deeperlast night and woke up feeling more rested this morning, thankfully. Showered, blow-dried, moisturized, and dressed much faster than yesterday. That lethargy yesterday morning was not so fun.

Weighed in, same third day in a row. I think this is due to the salt. I don't mind my body equalizing water, but it is strange. One would think with only clear liquids and almost no calories, along with plenty of bowel action, the body would dump some water weight at least. So I am telling my body not to panic, it isn't starving, and it is okay to release stored toxins with water.

I decided last night to dry fast, so I have not had any liquids since yesterday afternoon. Feel fine and dandy. Have to focus to accomplish tasks all in one go still.

My belly fat is really loose and squishy. No BM yet today. Will add to this later.


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