Day 4 by momfor2manykids .....

Someone just shoot me.....

Date:   3/24/2006 6:04:28 AM ( 17 y ago)


I thought I would be better by this point, but I'm not. I have the sweats, body aches, a few shakes, feeling of wanting to vomit, and a really coated tongue. Headache is still here, but I can say that this is better. I was taking antidepressants and I suppose that all of these nasty symptoms are the withdrawl from them. It really goes to show that taking these things can truely poison the system.

I am going to do a salt water flush. I'm hoping that if I get some of the toxins out, I will feel better.

Good news:

Our family received an "Extreme Makeover" from our church. My husband had cancer and we moved to this area to be close to family. He is doing just fine now and cancer free. Anyway.... We purchased land and put up a modular home but only had money to finish half of the house. The church saw our situation. We had 5 kids in one room. The church raised funds and finished our home. We even made the local paper. Way cool!!!!

I'm gonna role over and die now.


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