Day 16.....end of day by midge .....

I made it through the day

Date:   3/28/2006 8:42:44 PM ( 15 y ago)

Well y'all, I made it through the day! It was tough. *whew

I started to feel a bit better around 3pm. I made an appointment for a colonic for Friday morning.

My mom just told me that I'm having Easter. I don't know if I can take being on the fast for Easter. Cooking the food, looking at it, smelling it, and then all the comments from the family!! I may stop a day or two sooner. I don't know!!! What do you all think?? I really would like to hit 30 days, but it's going to be extra tough. And I could always do another fast in April or May.

Expecting a wonderful day tomorrow! Warmth, sunshine, and feeling good!!

"Every life has its share of setbacks and disappointments--of tragedy and loss. How do we keep our inner fire alive? Two things, at minimum, are needed: an ability to appreciate the positives in our life--and a commitment to action."



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