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Feeling better and change of plans

Date:   3/17/2006 6:39:49 PM ( 15 y ago)

Hey! Sorry it's late; did ya all miss?

I have been breaking out with some pimples, one on each shoulder, one behind my left ear(what's with that?) and a few on my face. Feeling better but still have a slight HA(headache). I did do my weight workout this morning. Felt good for doing that.

My son and I juiced a whole bunch of oranges and the kids and I each had a glass of orange juice....yumm! I do have a bit more energy today, a least I felt like doing something today instead of doing it because I had to and feeling horrible.

Then in the evening I had plans to take an epsom salt bath, get some work done, and make a good fruit juice. But, my hubby surprised me and took me away for the night. Normally, when we go out like that we eat a lot of junk food. I was really tempted!! But I persisted and won!! We were walking through the store and everything looked so good! Smelt so good! But instead of wishing I could have it, I (tried) was thinking about eating and food. People eat so much. Everything is centered around food. Here I haven't eaten anything solid for 4 days, and I really wasn't hungry; I just wanted something to eat. Especially when he stopped at my favorite fast food place Wendys!! And he threw some fries away! (Oh my, I had to hold myself back). So I had water all evening.

I am having trouble getting enough water in me. Isn't it weird, I could put away a can of pop, 2 cups of mashed potatoes with gravy, and BBQ'd chicken. But I have trouble with drinking 8-10 cups of water. DUH. I have never been one for drinking much of anything.

"The highest reward for a person's work is not what they get for it, but what they become by it."



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