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More advice for fasters and, indeed, anyone going on the rough journey of dietary/health/psychological/spiritual/"medical"/cosmetic "improvement"

Date:   2/23/2006 9:16:47 AM ( 15 y ago)

I literally could not do this without Little Bob Poo - a water-hole for the weary, soft, warm, and "forgiving" or "tolerant" isn't the word. I can't believe he loves me, but he rubs my face with his and purrs and casually touches me with his paws when he stretches, so perhaps he does. Unconditionally, it would seem. If you are planning to fast and are in one way or another (or in many or all ways) alone in the world, the best thing you could do for your fast is go to a shelter and rescue a loving armful of fuzz from death - then s/he'll stay with you when you need someone and the rise and fall of his warm alive belly will connect you with life when you feel like death. - And, yes, if you fail on your fast, s/he'll love you strangely just the same. (He even fully forgives you for making him eat vegan.)



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