Aaaghh! My juicer's motor burned out!! by Golden Avocado .....

There are so many juicer models and price ranges to choose from. What brand do you recommend?

Date:   2/26/2006 2:12:42 PM ( 15 y ago)

I was juicing grapes and apples this evening with my ancient Singer Juice Giant. All of the sudden I started to smell hot plastic, then the motor just up and died.
Grapes and apples whipped my juicer.

This puts me in mind of Dazzle's computer crash - except it was my juicer that crashed.

What brand name juicer do you folks like? I didn't like my Singer because I always felt like carrots were almost too much for it - it just didn't have the muscle for it. I also left behind very wet pulp. And of course I couldn't do wheatgrass (something I have never tasted let alone juiced).

The good thing about this is I get to buy a juicer before doing the 30-day JF.

Golden Avocado
'juicer slayer'


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