Day 17 and 18 by want2bfree .....

I will try not to bore you all LOL

Date:   2/24/2006 8:52:01 AM ( 15 y ago)

Mornin all,
I guess I will somtimes post 2 days at a time, as I feel I get repetative and I don't want to bore people. Really nothing dramatic has gone on. I do feel really really good. I have not got weighed yet again. My cold is much mush better. I think I got over it much quicker than if I had not been fasting. I am really trying to look, study, and learn now, about the rawfood lifestyle. I would like to know of any books out there that are the best on Raw food. I know that plenty of you have completed long fasts and are now eating raw. I am almost halfway to 40 days now. I can't believe I have come this far. In the begining the days went so slow, but now they seem to go quicker. I can focus more on the positive results, rather than getting caught up in the negative complaints of this fast. This morn I did try the lemonade mixture again, but at noon I will probably have veggie juice. mmm carrot, apple beet and celery. really I could do without the veggie juice and just stick to the fruit BUT I know my body needs both. I can sympathize with you Julie. I know you didn't care for the veggie juice either. Well I gotta scoot, duty calls. I hope you are all doing well.
XXX Hanna


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