Day 13 what do ya think? by want2bfree .....

I think I am gonna switch to the master cleanser

Date:   2/19/2006 5:31:54 PM ( 15 y ago)

I just got back from the big birthday bash. I made it through with flying colors. The whole family is asking questions now, because of my weightloss and my skin and eyes. I think they all want to fast now LOL. I have felt pretty good today. it is still hard not to eat the bad food though. I can't say my appetite has ever completely gone. I am thinking I am gonna change to the Master Cleanser with lemon and maple syrup. I feel like I need a change and it will help me to stick this out. I feel that I have been on juices long enough that the transition should be easy. If anybody has any input...good or bad, id like to hear it.
Love Hanna


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