Day 12 power is on and off. by want2bfree .....

I am back in the light for a moment LOL

Date:   2/18/2006 3:34:51 PM ( 15 y ago)

Let's see if I can type this withought the power going off again. It has happened 2 times already. Day 12 is pretty similar to day 11. I can say though...when I look at food and goodies, I do still desire them. I had to buy some gift certificates at Tim Hortons for my brother in law. My eyes roamed the whole place and STUCK on the sticky buns I saw. I found myself day dreaming about what they would taste like, but knew, it would make me sick as a dog to eat one. All I have to do is look in the toilet after my enemas, and that tells me I still have much to accomplish. Sorry to freak anyone out with the enema thing LOL. All in all today hasn't been to bad. As I have said I am anxious to get deeper into the fast, for more cleansing and spirtual rebirth, so to speak. I think I am gonna get weighed tomorrow morning and see where I am at. I am not counting on a huge loss as I don't want to dissapoint myself. Shoot I think I am gonna send this thing before the power goes again. Wish me luck tomorrow, I have another birthday party to go to with cake and all the glad tidings, YIKES.


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