Day 4 of my juice fast by want2bfree .....

I am determined to make this a go

Date:   2/10/2006 12:51:42 PM ( 15 y ago)

Here I am. I was up early this morning. I didn't sleep well last night. My heart was racing and I felt achy all over. I was DETERMINED this morning to have results from my enema, which I had not seen any results for the past 3 days. So, here we go. I took in 2 quarts and held it for 15 minutes. When I stood up, the damn finally broke. I must of spent more than an hour on the toilet. I would think I was done, get up and get ready for work and BAM I would cramp up again. Horrible cramps almost made me throw up. At first I was concerned when I looked in the toilet because it all had a reddish color. Hmm lets think, for the past 2 days I have had beet juice, what a relief that was. God when it was all out, I felt so much better. Some achs and pains were gone, heart was beating normal and I felt at ease. Anybody doing a juice fast, always remember to keep the bowels clean. It will save your life. Ok enough about poo poo. I don't want to get fixated on it and gross anyone out, as my mind is thinking strage things from this fast.

Ok, how do I really feel. I feel ok but am a bit tired. Like I want to lay down. I also feel euphoric and giggly at times. I am am thinking I am still detoxing from sugar. Or maybe sombody put some LSD in my juice. Anyhow I am feeling ok but still tired. I do feel a bit muttle headed. I am a crisi worker and I have been making so many errors on my paperwork this morning, writing odd things LOL. IT'S all good though. I know that it is just part of a beautiful process of the body mind and soul. I can't really say I am hungry but have odd sensations in my stomach. I only had time to bring tea to work this morning, as my bowels held me up from juicing today like I needed to. I can't let that happen again, as I need to be sustained over the day, so as not to give in to temptation. My pants do feel looser but I have not weighed today. Maybe tomorrow. Wellduty calls me at the moment. I have a person I must help. I somtimes hate to leave the blog, as it helps me to see my feelings better when I jouranl and helps me to carry on with this endeavor. I will be back tomorrow to this comfy spot of peace and many wonderful people.


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