day 12, pt 2 by But God .....

We did it guys ANOTHER DAY, one at a time.

Date:   2/13/2006 12:36:56 AM ( 15 y ago)

I've had a wonderful day, still having spats of hunger though, My husband and I are laughing alot about the thoughts we're having about food. When we go out to get fruit/veg we smell everthing, including chinese food (in china) :).....spices, oil, everything!!! It's making it easier between my hubby and czone to go through. Thanks for all the support. I'm drinking a lot of water today, my lower back (kidneys)is hurting just a bit, I think maybe the hyssop tea is detoxing me and I'm not drinking enough water.

My husband weighted himself again, scale only 2-3 lbs different, he still lost ALL THAT WEIGHT, in 6 days, I said earlier the thought the scale was wrong, dazzle told us the mirrors don't lie, and I told my husband and OH MY GOD! I told dazzle she has created a monster ( she's a doll). Now after 100 yrs of marriage we're going to need counseling, I can see it now :).

Anyway, I'm going to read some and turn in, just wanted to touch basis with everyone. WE did it guys another day. Thank God!!!!!!!!

But God


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