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The next time you come across someone who's cranky, snappish, impatient, intolerant, mean spirited, angry, loud tempered, depressed, upset, nervous, panicky, anxious assume it's their shoddy nutritional diet talking...

Date:   2/20/2006 9:15:45 PM ( 15 y ago)

Greetings My Fellow Health Nuts, Raw Food Lovers, Furious Fasters, Seekers of Truth and Gentle Readers,

    Yesterday, Sunday, Feb 19, 2006, was the last day on my extended 30 day juice fast and I ate light raw foods today.  So, I fasted for 30 days with two days on raw foods and then back to fasting for four more days, for a total of 34 days.  That was interesting journey, to say the least.  I had alot of fun and I learned so many new things I can incorporate into my life right now such as the raw foods lifestyle and how to energize my water using the electromagnetic waves from my heart.  I am so excited about trying these two modalities that will be highly nutritious to both my body and spirit. I can see myself eating highly energetic foods filled with live enzymes and washing it down with water I've transformed into liquid love with the electromagnetic energy waves from my own heart.
Heart Water:
Raw Food Lifestyle:
With all of my fasts, the 30 dayers and two weekers, while I did have a plan for breaking the fasts (after learning my lesson when I ate a cheeseburger four days after my first 30 day fast -- what was I thinking?) I didn't really make plans for changing some of my less than exemplary dietary habits, which is why I would invariably fall right back into the morning coffee (loaded with sticky sweet toxins and non-dairy poison), nutritionally deficient pastas covered in artificially flavored fat disguised as a rich sauce; store bought enriched grain breads, and cheeses, oh my love food, cheeses melted on everything just about.  And so on. 

While I never gained back all the weight I'd lost over the years of fasting, I did gain some back and while it's true I don't have a dis-ease and I'm not ill, I don't always feel like climbing trees either.  Or doing cartwheels or running races or being regularly active. Except on juice fasts.  That's the only time my energy shoots through the roof.  And it's absolutely beautiful.  Because I feel youthful, vital, vibrant!  It's not an artificial energy such as the kind one gets on a hit of caffeine or a shot of sugar.  But the kind of energy that fills one with youthful vibrancy.  I love that word. 
Usually the effects of shoddy nutrition show up in my attitude long before it shows up in my physical structure.  My patience level shrinks, my tolerance level -- wait, what tolerance level -- disappears.  It's like I wear my nerves on the outside of my skin.  My flight or fight gland keeps shooting the juice and I get frustrated and anxious easier.  I've had anxiety attacks before.  I become snappish, short tempered and when that happens, I tend to isolate myself from people.  It was only after my first fast more than five years ago that I began to see the connection between bad diet and bad attitude. 

Now, after several sustained juice fasts under my belt, I know there is most assuredly a direct link between nutrition and one's perception towards life and their attitude towards themselves and others.  I mentioned this before in one of my blogs that my husband is far too sweet to say anything, but I'm pretty sure he wished I'd stayed on this juice fast forever.  Darling, darling man.
But now I have a plan not only to break the fast but a plan that takes me into a permanent way of living.  I intend to give the rawfood lifestyle an honest go-round.  I am the kind of person who, when my mind is made up, wants to jump in head first, give it all I've got and then give it some more and then I burn myself out.  I don't want to do that with this, so even though I am so gung-ho about raw foods I am going to stick my toe in first, test the waters and then ease myself in the rest of the way. I can begin simple with raw soups and salads; raw breads and nut butters and raw pizzas (gotta try those).  The rest of my diet can consist of raw cheeses instead of pasteurized dead cheeses found in the delis in every American grocery store, raw salmon (sushi), various fruits and veggies from my trees and garden.  That's simple and interesting enough, yet an astounding difference than my diet before.
I've always been proud of myself for not being a snacker or a junk food freak or for not being someone who'd rather eat mashed potatoes from flakes rather than make them from real potatoes, or pop open a can rather than peel a vegetable.  Even so, what vices I have definitely are vices and are catching up with me.  Hence the fasts (damage control), only this time, I'm taking it a step further than I have before with a plan to carry on the superb benefits of the juice fast in the form of going into raw foods.
So, the next time you come across someone who's cranky, snappish, impatient, intolerant, mean spirited, angry, loud tempered, depressed, upset, nervous, panicky, anxious assume it's their shoddy nutritional diet talking, that if they detoxed through a healing juice fast, they'd be the most benevolent, kind, compassionate human beings you'd ever want to encounter.  Try that, see if it doesn't help you deal with the arse with the 'tude.  If that doesn't work, imagine them sitting on the toilet with their underwear around their ankles and then walk away with a laugh.  <wink>
Love to you all,
~ Dazzle

February 20, 2006


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