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Vegetable and fruit juices that heal the body.

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Consuming These Foods Will Help Heal

     There is no doubt that humankind can not live on supplements alone.   We need protein, carbohydrates and other materials that we probably are not even aware of yet.  Some foods have been shown to help heal certain conditions.   Since we have to eat foods to survive, why not consume the healthy ones -- not just by reducing certain types of fat intake but by ingesting appropriate foods to help the healing (and prevention) process that our bodies were meant to maintain.

Nearly every disorder responds well to appropriate vegetable juices.  Juices are a superb way of getting the phytonutrients that generally can not be obtained from supplements because of the volumes needed.  The following table of disorders (in alphabetical order) is matched with the corresponding juice and food that will help heal that condition.

These foods should be consumed during and in-between your regular meals.  For the best results, drink at least one pint per day.

Health Cocktails for Common Disorders


    Foods That Heal by Dr. Bernard Jensen, Avery Publishing Group, Inc. Garden City Park, NY, 1993.

Anemia Blackberry and parsley juice; parsley and grape juice
Arthritis Celery and parsley juice
Asthma Celery and papaya juice; celery, endive, and carrot juice
Bedwetting Celery and parsley juice
Bladder ailments Celery and pomegranate juice (pomegranate is best for the bladder).   Also good, shavegrass herb tea.
Blood ailments Blackberry juice, black cherry juice, parsley juice, dandelion juice.  Tomato juice and desiccated liver.
Blood pressure (high) Carrot, parsley, and celery juice; lime juice and whey powder; grape juice and carrot juice.
Blood pressure (low) Parsley juice, also capsicum and garlic.
Bronchitis Juice of 2 lemons, 3 T. honey to one pint of flaxseed tea.   Use one tsp. every hour.  Or bake a lemon, juice half of it and add to one cup of oat straw or boneset tea.  Then, go to bed and perspire.
Catarrh, colds, sore throat Watercress and apple juice with 1/4 tsp. pure cream of tartar
Circulation (poor) Beet and blackberry juice; parsley and alfalfa juice with pineapple juice; grape juice with one egg yolk.
Colds and sinus Celery and grapefruit juice; watercress and apple juice with 1/4 tsp. pure cream of tartar; coconut milk and carrot juice; celery and grapefruit juice with 1/4 tsp. cream of tartar.
Colitis, gastritis, gas Coconut milk and carrot juice.
Complexion (yellow) Grapefruit juice.
Complexion problems Cucumber, endive, and pineapple juice; one T. apple concentrate; 1/2 glass cucumber juice and 1/2 glass water.
Constipation, stomach ulcers Celery with a little sweet cream; spinach and grapefruit.
Diarrhea, infection Carrot and blackberry juice.
Eczema, scurvy Carrot, celery, and lemon juice.
Fever, gout, arthritis Celery and parsley juice.
Gall bladder Radish, prune, black cherry, and celery juice; carrot, beetroot, and cucumber juice; prune, black cherry, celery, and radish juice.
Gallstones Beetroot and radish juice; green vegetable juices.
Glands (for building) Pineapple juice with one egg yolk, one T. wheat germ, 1/4 tsp. powdered Nova Scotia dulse -- take daily between meals; 3/4 cup carrot juice, 1/4 cup coconut milk, one T. wheat germ, one tsp. rice polishings or rice bran syrup, 1 cup tomato juice, one T. cod roe.
Glands and nerves One T. cherry concentrate, one tsp. chlorophyll, and one egg yolk.
Glands, goiter, impotence Celery juice, one tsp. wheat germ, and one tsp. Nova Scotia dulse.

General house cleaning

Celery, parsley, spinach, and carrot juice.
Gout Celery juice; combination of celery and parsley juice.
Heart Carrot and pineapple juice with honey; liquid chlorophyll (alfalfa); parsley, alfalfa, and pineapple juice.
Hair (to improve) One T. cherry concentrate, once tsp. oat straw tea to a cup of boiling water.  Steep tea 10 min., then add cherry concentrate.
Indigestion, underweight Coconut milk, fig juice, parsley, and carrot juice.
Infections Carrot and blackberry juice.
Insomnia (sleeplessness) Lettuce and celery juice.
Jaundice Tomato and sauerkraut juice, one glass every day for a week.
Kidneys Celery, parsley, and asparagus juice; carrot and parsley juice.
Kidney (bladder) problems Black currant juice with juniper berry tea; pomegranate juice and goat's whey; celery and pomegranate juice.
Liver Radish and pineapple juice; black cherry concentrate and chlorophyll; carrot, beet, and cucumber juice.
Memory (poor) Celery, carrot, and prune juice and rice polishings.
Nervous tension Celery, carrot, and prune juice; lettuce and tomato juice.
Nervous disorders Radish and prune juice and rice polishings.
Neuralgia, neuritis Cucumber, endive, and pineapple juice; cucumber, endive, and goat's whey.
Overweight, obesity Beet greens, parsley, and celery juice.
Perspiration Celery and prune juice; cucumber and pineapple juice.
Rheumatism Cucumber, endive, and goat's whey.
Rickets Dandelion and orange juice.
Sinus Sip lemon juice with a little horseradish; sip mixture of cayenne powder in a cup of water.
Teeth Beet greens, parsley, and celery juice with green kale.
Thyroid Clam juice with celery juice.
Vitality One T. apple concentrate, one T. almond nut butter, and one cup celery juice.
Weight (reducing) Parsley, grape juice, and pineapple juice.
Youth (retaining) 2/3 cup oat straw tea, 1/3 cup celery, prune, or fig juice, with 1/4 cup powdered Nova Scotia dulse to each cup.  Cucumber, radish, pepper (1/3 cup each); 2/3 cup concord grape juice and 1/3 cup pineapple juice with one egg yolk.


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