Day 2 by ausjulie .....

not such a bad far

Date:   8/21/2007 7:07:21 PM ( 14 y ago)

slept really well last night which suprised me. today was easy slight headach, funny eyes and a very slight pain in lower back. but nothing too uncomfortable. using oxypowder for laxatives and it is working really good. drinking far more of the master cleanse lemonade than juice, but just going with what works. guess becasue i am at work for most of the day just easier to have lemonade. thinking about moving to a all master cleanse next week will see how i go. looking forward to getting thru this and then over my first hurdle which will be day 5. my husband is on the fast with me and so is a coworker so it makes it a little easier. although ultimately i still have to be the one to stick to the path.
oh and lost 2.5 pounds.

a bit later on ....
just went for a run and oh my god.....i had so much energy.... fastest i have run in such a long time yeah!!! even did some sit ups and some push ups.


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