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Date:   5/2/2007 12:06:14 AM ( 14 y ago)

second day and still no major problems, slight headache dry taste in mouth - due to not drinking enough water. sleeping pattern is weird lately due to recent flight back to australia and not adapting properly back to time zone so i hope i can cure this in next day or so. cannot handle veggie juice so only juicing oranges and pineapples at this stage. this may prove my undoing but seriously just cant even come close to getting veg down. supplementing with master cleanse lemonade if i need to. using oxypowder so bm's are on track. not really hungry just miss chewing and eating some foods. once again noticing how many commercials are on tv for food - no wonder so many of us have issues. definately going 5 days then will reassess. weight today was 137pd.


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