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Date:   2/7/2006 4:27:41 PM ( 15 y ago)

gosh i have been wanting to type that heading since i first started. i made it! excellent news. i am so very proud of myself and now i belong to the illustrious few - the 30 dayers! so here is a summaration on my thoughts about a juice fast.

the fast in general -the benefits have been enormous for me. it has given me a chance to stop adn reavulate my lifestyle and my choices. it gave me a break from making decsions regarding food choices. the sense of accomplishmnet i feel is huge along with immense satisfaction. i also feel clean and light and happy. i love that nothing but good stuff has gone into my body for 30 days. the simplicity of just consuming juice is a great holiday from regular life. i have never slept better in my whole life. the energy i feel is excellent and made the whole exercise routine enjoyable rather than a chore. most days i felt like if i didnt walk or do somehting i wouldve gone insane. i just wanted to be out there exercising(not that common BF) health wise i have to be in better shape then i was when i started event the fact that i dropped 24 pounds has to be beneficial. i know a juice fast is a not the best way of losing weight becasue i know it will all come straight back on if i dont maintain a good diet and watch my calorie intake. but it gave me the kickstart i needed. i have to go back to normal life and make better choices in order to lose more wieght and maintain for a long periiod of time. slow and steady will win the race.

juices- i loved the fruit juices at teh start adn i managed the veggie juices becaseu i knew i had too. but especially towards the end i couldnt front up to any more juice i was done. i think my body was telling me to quit last week but i was too stubborn and really wanted the 30 days. i know i felt better wehn i was consuming more veggie. they satisfied my hunger better they gave me energy which seemed to last longer and be more real if this makes any sense. i aslo found BM's where better with more veggie juice. i did as many as i could.

laxatives - by far the worse part of the fast. i hate taking them adn i hate being dependent on them for BM's. last night i took some and i actually threw up. i have been nauseas befroe but i have never thrown up. i struggled with these most of the way throught the fast. im sorry i really cant offer any help in this area. lets just say i am really looking forward to my body taking over this aspect once i start on solid food again. they are a necessary evil thought if you dont take them you dont poo and if you dont poo you dont clean out.

cleansing- the simple fact that i have put nothing toxic in my body has to make me clean. i also saw some interesing results in the toilet. however i really didnt acheive as much as i wanted to. i think i will have to work on this in another fast.

missign food- in the start this was a problem adn i had to keep chatting to myself and telling myself this fast was somehitng i really wanted to do. i kept saying its only 30 dasy out of your life. the urge to want to chew was huge at the start but it went away after the second week. some people have talked about eating food early on while fasting just to get thru. like cheiwng nuts or raw food. for me if i had done this i htink it would have prolonged the time it took to get over wanting to eat. i knew i couldnt eat anything or i would be back to thte start again. besides guys it is a fast remember! no food!

weight loss- well as i said i lost 24 pounds i was hoping for 30 but i think the main reason i didnt get to that was the lack of BM's?????? also not enough veggie juice must have played a role??????? i think in the end my body really reacted to not getting very many calories and kind of shut down on me a bit. im not sure of this??? i cannot tell you how it feels to be ligther. when i started all the clothes in my cupboard where a 16 or xl and not many of them were fitting me. they were tight and uncomfortable but i refused to go into 18 or 1x. well now they are all baggy on me. i could probably go into a 14 but i am waiting to see if i can continue to lose more and go for a 12. wow. i rmember when i was skinny (8/10) i never realy appreciated it and i alwasy thought i was fat. well im not like that now. i am enjoying the size i am now i look good adn i love getting dressed in the morning. i cant say i completely love the way i look unitl i lose this remaining roll i want be completely satisfed. but i am realistic i feel good and i think that reflects in the way i look. my husband has made many comments which is really nice too.

future fasts- definately but not for a while. as i said i would like next time to concerntrate more on teh cleansing aspect. i'm not sure of a 30 dayer maybe start with 10 adn just go for as long as i want. it will be a juice fast (water fast is just not for me) i wouldnt mind trying the master cleanse. but my focus now is on helathy eating in my normal life. any future fasts wont be for a while. but probabl within the next 12 months.

i cant think of much more to write about now so i will sign off from my 30 day fast. stay tuned to post fast and see how i go. thanks for sticking with me and a huge thanks to the encouragement. especially from anummii in the beginning, who i can tell is a kind, loving and gentle soul who touched me with her beautiful warmth and lovely words or encuoragement. thanks aslo to dazzle she is a true gem adn i feel lucky to have coem across soemone as amazing as her in my travels. i wish we were neighbours and went on walks together i think our conversations would be excellent! a huge thanks to curezone who is about to get my donation to help in some way to keep up the great work they do in provdign such an amazing resource.


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