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Summary of my 15 days of Juice fasting

Date:   1/25/2006 10:18:58 AM ( 16 y ago)

Well Ive reached a milestone for sure, half way to my goal. I never started this as a means of dieting because just the word diet makes me hungry, but the 16lbs Ive lost so far is a definete bonus. I think the next 15 days will be easier, or at least I hope they will. Not that its really been hard because I cant say it has, but the psychological desire to eat is so strong. Food or drink that gave me pleasure (or at least perceived pleasure) was all stuff that was bad for me. Fast food, fatty food, sugar and alcohol. All things Im going to try to ween out of my life. I really want to eat healthy! I dont want to completly give up everything (not yet anyway) but i definetly want to drastically limit foods that are bad for me. Its hugely important for me to maintain a healthy body weight when im finished this and I know that this fast is just the beginning of the process. Well anyway enough of that. Have a great day everybody! Talk to ya soon!


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