Juice for dinner by annaconda .....

and no snacking (proud!)

Date:   6/14/2006 1:55:35 PM ( 14 y ago)

Yesterday - I was not the best eater all day long, but I kept portions small. I did work out for 2 HOURS SOLID yesterday - over 800 calories of cardio (40 min bike 40 min elliptical) then 40 minutes of weights. Rock awesome.

I also had carrot ginger juice for dinner and NO SNACKING. I think this may be the thing I need. I can't go full fledged fasting, it really disrupts my home life, and cleaning the juicer a million times a day makes me crazy.

But I can do juice for dinner, which is my most dangerous meal of the day - once I start eating I just don't stop - nibbles of this, nibbles of that.

So today I had an onion and green pepper omelette with 2 eggs this AM, yogurt for lunch, and I'm going to pick up some more carrots and ginger for dinner. This is a really low-cal diet and I'm looking forward to seeing some results!


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