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Very proud

Date:   6/9/2006 2:04:52 PM ( 14 y ago)

Awesome - this morning I made it into my NEW FRESH OFF THE RACK size 10 old navy jeans. This is extra good, because they're new, they've not been stretched out by me wearing them years ago or anything, REGULAR CUT.

So it's official, I'm a size 10 now!!!!! I put them on (squeezed them on) and my fiance cheered as I buttoned & zipped. "Turn around," he said, "man I haven't seen you in blue jeans in years. Praise the lord!"

They're tight, but I'm not spilling over horribly. I'm going to wear them to my bridal shower tomorrow.

Yesterday I did a good thing - I know it's not much to say I only had one piece of pizza, but it was a big thing to me. I know I can't subsist forever on a raw diet - it's important to me to be able to share meals with my future husband, and our future family (long in the future). So I brought home leftover pizza from work and fixed a salad. I purposely told the fiance I was bringing home 3 pieces of pizza and he would get 2 of them.

Before I would have eaten 1.5, watched jealously as they were selected and sliced, to make sure I was getting 'MY SHARE'

Now I know he needs more calories than I do, and that I'm happier getting my calories from salad. I also made sure to eat salad before pizza, so as to increase the fiber surrounding the big hunk of carbs, to hopefully aid in digestion.

So that's just awesome. Also I worked out like crazy yesterday, 55 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of gut busting lifting and squats. Pushups. I can do the big kid kind of pushups, 10 at a time, and I can do it.

Pushups and running - the things I hate - they're whipping me into shape.

The fact that I can wear these jeans makes me really happy. I'm going to keep working out, keep running, shooting for 3 x a week running, 2 x a week lifting. In July, I'm fasting for 11 days. I know I said before I couldn't handle it, but I think I can. I also think it'll free me up to do all the last minute stuff I need to do, without pressuring myself about food. I will have to take it easy on the running, but I can still go to the gym and do light cardio while fasting - I've done it before.


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