Now I'm really confused about eating soy. by annaconda .....

confusion reigns.

Date:   4/3/2006 3:34:35 PM ( 14 y ago)

I knew it was controversial, but I'm totally confused at this point. I do like soy milk, and tofu cubes in my salad at lunch each day.

I don't really have time to make nut butter and nut milk and all that stuff. I also don't feel that soy clogs me up as bad as plain old carbs. I feel that I benefit from the protein, which I wouldn't get anywhere else - I can't stand regular milk, rice milk is yummy but is chock full of carbs... Maybe I'll get almond milk to drink each day, rather than having a glass of soy. That will get me protein.

And no more marinated tofu pieces, I can tell those are heavy... but I'm sticking with my protein salad from the coop, because it really fills me up with seeds and tofu, some raw veggies and lots of different types of greens.

Damn. I really am all confused. but anything I'm doing that keeps me from eating french fries and pizza has got to be better than that.

Best would be to control my eating. I will however switch to almond milk to drink with lunch. Any knowledge anyone wants to send my way would be great. Thanks for the heads up!


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