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taxes suck

Date:   3/21/2006 10:54:28 AM ( 14 y ago)

I've got my period and I went and had my taxes done yesterday. BAD COMBO.

I was a freelance producer in NYC for a while, well technically freelance, because my company did not want to give me health insurance. However, they wanted me there every day, working set hours, with a desk, phone, and email. They totally screwed me. So I have to pay out my own taxes on what they paid me, most of which I paid in estimates, but some of which I owe.

Boo. It's kind of a lot, and when I saw the numbers yesterday, I was muoy upset. I had some pringles in response. Boy did that feel bad. Going back to the old something-bad-happened-and-I-want-to-do-nothing-but-self-destructive-things pattern.

Last night we had salad, which was really yummy. It didn't make me feel any bettter about the pringles.

Today it's back to the gym for me. I'm also taking some weight loss supplements to kickstart my weight loss efforts. I know it's not the natural way to go, but I could really use a couple good weeks before 4/15, when my bridesmaids come. I've got a good workout thing going, I'm not going to take the full dosage of the ephedra free weight loss helper, I'm just looking for a little something extra.


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