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crazy sh*t at work has me shaken

Date:   3/16/2006 1:05:05 PM ( 14 y ago)

Wow. It's been a crazy day - I work at a radio station producing all the commercials we air, and one of our jocks quit yesterday, and actually cited among other things the fact that he thinks I make too much money.

Well, the guy was a mess, financially, and everyone has been really nice in saying that it had nothing to do with me, it was really a problem with his manager micro-managing him.

I was nothing but kind to him and I thought we had a very good relationship. So to hear that rumors about my salary are floating around is rough for me (I did negotiate a high salary for Vermont, but screw that, I'm worth it, and I took a HUGE pay cut moving out of NYC). I'm not even making 40,000! Come ON! To think that people are gossiping about me is horrible - I really try to stay out of the fray - I'm getting married and for pete's sake, I moved up here for the scenery, not to get all involved in work. In fact I moved up here so I could work 8:30 - 5, not be on call 24 hours a day, not work weekends. Period. Phew, I had to get that off my chest.

So I came in to a very upsetting morning, everyone's been supportive of me, but just to think that someone I worked with so closely is/was so angry and mad about me is unnerving.

Also, my darling fiance emailed me this morning begging me to eat tonight, so he could fix me a salad. I almost caved people. ALMOST!!! I'm doing SO well on this fast.

Yesterday afternoon I CRASHED into detox - it was awful. But I went to the gym, did 4 miles on the bike and 20 minutes on the eliptical. After that my heart was racing at about 180 bpm, which is too high, and I felt flushed and chilly. So I took the weight circuit easy and tried out the new personal SAUNA they have at my gym. It's wierd, kind of looks like an iron lung. Man did I sweat - and I got home and felt pretty OK.

a tomato
3 stalks celery
a green pepper
beet greens
unpeeled lemon

This was yummy - I didn't have the stomach for a really green juice so I sweetened it (using carrots & tomato) and it was really good.

I think I'm going to do the sauna again tonight, and take it easy on the cardio. Today I've had licorice tea (I freakin' love that stuff) some water and 30 oz of pineapple/orange/ginger juice at about 1:30. I kind of gulped it, I'm feeling really full, I'm just feeling so shaken up that I didn't have enough liquid yet today.

Tomorrow - a big fat freakin watermelon piece for breakfast. I told myself I'm saving it for Friday morning treat.


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