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day 3

Date:   1/5/2006 5:38:00 AM ( 14 y ago)

I'm actually writing the morning of day 3, but I missed yesterday.

Wow. It's getting much tougher. I have a lot of success during the day. I feel great, I've been drinking juices, and yesterday I had a little bit of euphoria that sort of pushed me through my day.

I got home and tried to stay upbeat and positive but I started to crash around 8:30-9 PM. And not sleep crash, just attitude crash. My fiance wants me to be around and like normal and I can't do that. I'm trying to take care of my health, and overcome many addictions (most of which he shares).

So it's really hard for me to hang out watching football with him (I love football, don't get me wrong) while he has a few drinks. But if I don't, he gets upset. Well he's upset period about this fast. It's hard for me to explain that if I eat something, I'll destroy all the hard work I've done so far.

So I end up in bed at 9:30, reading for a while, then falling into an exhausted sleep. Which is good it allows me to get up at 5:30. I've heard you sleep less during a fast - well that has not kicked in yet.

Physical symptoms - There's detoxing going on. I feel twinges of a headache - not really painful, just there in the background all day yesterday.

Exercise - I've been doing yoga for 1/2 hour in the mornings. It's really too cold up here in VT to go walking - it's dark when I get home. I will go for long walks on the weekends.

I understand that fasting in the winter is not really the greatest plan, as you're just freezing down to the bone.
I wrap myself in blankets and I have been drinking tea and one cup of veggie broth (from powder) at night to simulate dinner. But really, it's just to warm up.


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