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Me 1.0 - The start of my renewal

Date:   12/2/2005 12:44:34 PM ( 18 y ago)

I desire to remain anonymous for now.

I will be posting my story soon. Maybe you will recognize some similarities between your life and mine.

I am sick and tired. Literally! Starting today and everyday I will study, learn and evolve. I will heal myself, improve my health and free my spirit and soul. I suffer from psoriasis, excess fat, bad posture and bad eating habits. I plan on moving three steps forward and occasionally one step back. I plan on practicing sun gazing, liver flushes, oil pulling, living on whole, raw foods, exercising, reading old books, making my own herbal formulas, fasting, and meditation.

Check in on me every once in awhile. Watch my progress, my healing. I believe I will be more likely to continue my journey if I feel a responsibility to progress and update this blog.

I am not an expert and do not feel comfortable giving any advice.

Today is December 2, 2005. A day I will remember as the "Transition Point" of my life.

Me 1.0


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