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breaking the sulfur cycle can be demonstrated as the cause of all man made diseases world wide especially regarding viral infections such as AIDS and bird flu.

Date:   10/11/2005 11:29:55 AM ( 17 y ago)

Dear cureZone

The article on aspirin and man made disease caused me to consider the history of items of interest, aspirin, man made disease and deficiencies.

Enter the boys from Brazil and aspirin. known for years as a pain reliever since before the American Indians described it to the ignorant white eyes. The Aspirin Wars by
Mann and Plummer describes how Bayer Aspirin Salesman had reached every conceivable part of the globe by 1897 more effectively than the Missionaries who were looking for righteous men when they should have spent more time with sinners.

But before it is forgotten please consider the first use of chemical fertilizers in Europe in 1860 rather than organic because the chemists were tired of depending on outside sources
when they had all the coal tar of the Black Forest.

This attempt to do the Creator’s work may be the causal nature of Alzheimer’s as he
described in his work of 1906, 46 years after the Germans began using coal tar based chemical fertilizers instead of stinky manure.

It is the contention of the Live Blood Study and the Shadow that man made diseases are the only diseases we have other than leprosy and Organic Sulfur is even effective in addressing this Biblical. We have been sulfur deficient since the passage of the Chemical Fertilizer Rider to the Farm Subsidies Act of the New Deal passed by Ezra Taft Benson
in 1954 for the benefit of his rich oil friends Nelson Rockefeller and Prescott Bush.

When the epidemiology of this planet is concerned those cultures who followed the lead of Boys from Brazil who believed that could make anything from coal tar, but failed to consider the effect of heat on sulfur. Len Horowitz describes a secret agreement penned
between Farbin I.G. and these fine Texas oil men to keep sulfur out of the system. The
reason for doing this is they fine men from Pharma had realized that no sulfur was very
good for business.

Finland has proved the premise in 1985 when their disease rates were the same as ours
they banned the use of chemical fertilizers fearing the effects of the Cadmium they contained. Finland now has 1/10th the man made disease that we in the US ‘enjoy.’

Information regarding Organic Sulfur ( methylsulfonylmethane but only when not contaminated with anti caking agents of other additives for the sake of production not purity ) is available from the Live Blood Study in Utah by calling 801-915-2552,
or at on Jack Webb.

Eugenics is what the Boys from Brazil are most noted for and this gambit with sulfur
is just another example of how the Royals disregard “ we the people “ but they failed
to consider that the Shadow knows the evil that lurks in the hearts of men and women.

the Shadow


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