First Steps: Know Thyself. by occultist .....

This is the first exersise in a series on raising ones money conciousness. More will follow.

Date:   9/2/2005 9:15:47 PM ( 18 y ago)

To start, lets ask a question. Bear with me on this.

What did you think, when you saw this blog. on the list?
1) Some mystical weirdo, writing about abundance ?
2) Look out, this individual has a disquieting name. I will read this, but my preconceptions about him/her/it are gonna remain in place.
3) Ahh, occultist...writes about negative subjects. I saw one or two of his other blog entries. Now hes writing about abundance? Wow, talk about switching extremes!

Why did I start with that? Simple. I wanted you to capture that feeling you had when you read my name. Did preconceived ideas pop into your head, and affect the colouration of what you then thought at the time? Was it a little like
************The Pastoral Life - by Peter the Serial Killer?****************
If they did, then that is quite normal. But, quite normal must change. Certainly it must, if your PURPOSE is to have money flowing into your life. Prejudging, in all matters must cease, and you must watch yourself. You must catch all of those preconceptions, and mentally nullify them. And how?
Treat everyone as if you are their friend. Wariness is a great survival instinct, but it has no place in one who`s purpose is to raise and match and above all, maintain their vibrational energy. (Common sense is quite another matter. If someone has "screwed you over" a dozen times in the past, then it would be more expedient to avoid that person altogether). On the subject of disagreeable people, they will generally tend to phase out of your life, to a greater extent, the more you practice and succeed at this exersise. But remember, the key to it is simple:

Monitor what you think,
Refrain from judgement.


Next time you go to a shop, or to work, monitor and evaluate your attitude and responses to anyone you talk to. Try to remove any negativity from your side. Be kind, polite and helpful (even if you felt you didnt like the person). Afterward, ask yourself why those people made you feel the way you did.


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