Hydrogen Peroxide cure all disease by eksangha .....

Hydrogen Peroxide, a thread for all diseases

Date:   8/30/2005 4:51:27 AM ( 17 y ago)

Well, is it? According to the FDA is it very dangerous to human. Do you know what a Hydrogen bomb is--yes it made from the same material of Hydrogen Peroxide but at a higher percentage.

Here is new thinking.

Hydrogen Peroxide is actually mean higher oxygen. As you all know, oxygen give life to human, the more oxygen in your system the more healthier you are because oxygen kill virus, bacteria, fungus, yeast and man made disease like HIV, Anthrax or whatever you called it.

one drop of Hydrogen Peroxide is equal to 3 or more time of oxygen that mean you must dilute it first before consumption.

O well, I got this info from educateyourself.com

Read more about it yourself.


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