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Summation of events

Date:   8/27/2005 7:42:39 PM ( 17 y ago)

Over many times in my life, events arose to challenge me. This pattern has occurred for as long as I can remember. I had a difficult childhood....without going into too much detail at this early stage, I was unwanted, and grew up unloved in a single parent family. School was something I hated, and there was never any encouragement there, so when the happy time came that I could leave, in 1986, I did. I got a job which paid really bad money, (dont all rural entry level jobs?) so moving out at that time was not an option.
Eventually, I met a nice girl. We got close. Around that time, my mother met a new guy, and wanted him to move in. So, I got told to leave. It wasnt the first time I got thrown out. When the mood took her before this, she kicked me out on the street. So, I lived in my broken down old car for a month, sleeping in an industrial estate...I had to borrow a blanket from a friends mother, as it was November, and freezing. I only earned about 80.00 a week, so I couldnt afford to move into a flat...I used to have to shower and shave at campsites in the early morning, by sneaking in. Still, I braved it out for a month or so, and drank cider to help me get off to sleep, before admitting defeat, going back and "re negotiating" for my bedroom. I think she charged me 40.00 a week to move back in.
Anyway, im getting off track. My then girlfriend and I scraped up the deposit and rent, and moved in together. Life was spartan, but blissful. I started weight training at home, and jogging. For the first time, I was optimistic. Best of all I was finally free of the negative uncaring person who had treated me like crap for the best part of my life. I had someone now who really loved me. I was aware that this person was the only one in the world who cared for and loved me, and that meant everything.
Or so I believed.


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